Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spin states of 3 6 9

These 'spirals' result from doing the Extended Fibonacci Pattern Table. Starting numbers 3 and 6 repeat every f 8. (Note: in the Extended Fibonacci Table, using starting number of 3 results in 432 (Pythagorean Tuning of A=432hz), and 6 results in 864 at f 12.

Notice the difference in the overall pattern of spirals. 3 is more 'open' in the center, while 6 is more 'closed'. To see more form in the spiral set here, I created six of the first image of repeating pattern of 3 (33696639) and six of the 6 pattern, and rotated each 60 degrees to get a radial 'spin' of the patterns. As you can see, it it almost as if it is an iris, open and closed.

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