Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Extended Fibonacci and the 60 Digit Fibonacci Pattern (end digit pattern)

(I've included the Extended Fibonacci graphic for reference)
The color coding denotes the Sequence that arise from the individual number, not the number itself.
The 4 odd numbers (1, 3, 7, 9), the exception being number 5, have the pattern sequences of itself and the other 3 occurring every 15 Fibonacci steps.
The 4 even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8) have the pattern sequences of itself and the other 3 occurring every 5 Fibonacci steps, the full set of which recur every 20 Fibonacci Steps.
The number 5 and its multiples seems to be the fulcrum.
- Chad Adams

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sumerian List of Kings (follow-up)

I may have done it!  I may have deciphered the length in years of the reigns of the various antediluvian kings as seen on the prism stone.

I wish I had help with all of this.  It is getting so in depth and contains so many connections.  Without the ability to catch the attention of the scientists and researchers that study these things, it will be a while before I can put it properly into a manuscript that I can try and get traction from.  There is not enough free time in my life to do all that needs to be done.  Everything from how they came to the knowledge of astronomical ages, cycles of the sun and moon, counting, why researchers think it's Base 60 system, when there wasn't even a 0 until much later.

I calculated it two different ways and both ways gave the same numbers.  Problem is, all the studies I have read use the base 60 number system in their interpretations, even though they KNOW it must be wrongly interpreted. I have to do the math, find the patterns in the numbers that match solstices, precession, lunar cycles, ages, etc, etc...all of which are messed up because they are being presented in a faulty interpretation.  Then, I've got to match it all up to my table, which is base 3, base 6, base 9, base 12, base 5 and base 144.  And those are just the significant number bases.

It would unravel antediluvian history!  It would literally be a Rosetta Stone for the Cradle of Civilization.  The deluge.  The Old Testament, Solomon, List of Kings, 8 generations, etc.

For now, I'm going to post my years for the length of reigns in years of the List of Kings. I'll get deeper into it when I have more time to better present it.

Starting from the first king that descended from heaven to begin the reign of kings.

Alulim - 28,800 years = 60 years
Alalngar - 36,000 years = 75 years

These 2 kings reigned for a total of:
648,000 years = 135 years (note: I did not just add the 60 and 75.  I looked up the 648 and calculated the answer from there)

En-men-lu-ana - 43,200 years = 90 years
En-men-gal-ana - 28,800 years = 60 years
Dumuzid, the Shepherd - 36,000 years = 75 years

These 3 kings for a total of:
108,000 years = 225 years (note: Same process as previously)

En-sipad-zid-ana - 28,800 years = 60 years
En-men-dur-ana - 21,000 years = 43.75 years
Ubara-Tutu - 18,600 years = 38.75 years

"Then the flood swept over."

Total years of reign:
241,200 years = 502.50 years

- Chad Adams

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vedic & Mayan Calendar Numbers

Draft of Calendars via Extended Fibonacci f12 

IN PROGRESS - Aligning Sumerian List of Kings and Reigns

For my own research.
*Note to self: it is damn hard to work through this.  Nearly all researchers use base 60 to 'decipher' the number system and aspects of cuneiform.  They know that the information they are interpreting must be in error, yet they have no other system of interpretation.  VERY frustrating because I am finding myself constantly having to readjust my thinking; removing the number values the researchers use, place my own within its context, and use pattern sequencing to find a core to anchor on to.  Not only that, but the more I investigate, the more it seems their system did not include the full 12 rows seen in the Extended Fibonacci Series (to get to the holy grail of Row 12). 

They wrote left to right which I can adjust to on the fly simple enough.   

THEY DIDN'T USE LINEAR NUMBER SEQUENCING.  That is, on some of the earlier tablets showing astronomical associations, lunar visibility, cycles utilizing 360 degree increments (mainly Time denominations), the numeral system was as much as symbolic (perhaps even more-so) than utilizing linear thought systems.  I have searched, and have concluded that researchers cannot separate their minds from spatial symbolic forms and the linear understanding of numbers we all grew up with.

Keep in mind:
8 generations from Creation Myth to World Deluge
Same as biblical information.
The impact of deciphering this original Mesopotamian number system would be of untold importance.  The bible uses fragments of it.  The Torah.  Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Gnostics.  The Essenes.  And not just of historical importance or relevance, but I have found both the Extended Table and the Pattern Table directly match to harmonics and frequency rate resonance.

The f12 numbers align with Pythagorean concepts as well as Plato's work.  The connections are so perfect I find it impossible to be coincidental.  Outside my own work, some investigative mathematicians are seeing connections to Pythagorean geometry insights to early Mesopotamian geometries.  Remember, these geometries are sacred and near god-like in their scope; defining celestial movements, planetary body diameters, velocity and orbital rates/patterns, and galactic cycles more than 25,920 years of process.  And, Pythagoras found knowledge that was so worrying to him, that he created his own society of learning, with initiates having to takes oaths of secrecy upon death.  It is said that the knowledge was too dangerous for the common uneducated man to have available.  As peripheral proof, Pythagoras himself rarely wrote anything down at all for fear it would leak out into the public.

The f12 numbers are within the Vedic Calendar...EXACT numbers.  All of them, exact with the exception of trailing 0's.  Life of Brahmin years as well.  The f12 numbers are in the Mayan Long Count number of days in their calendar.  Exact.  List of Kings in the Sumerian on the Weld-Blundell Prism, exact numbers.  Platonic Solids and their respective total angular degrees of each...exact.  Precession of the Equinoxes: exact including solar inclination and separation of years AND lunar cycles!  Speaking of the lunar cycles, the Sumerian lunar visibility tablet has the exact same ratios and unit proportions to the tables, even dipping into the Extended Table that includes Thoth and the Eye of Horus fractions.  Lastly for now, I just remembered that Thoth stole 5 days for the calendar year to go from 360 to 365.  It is explained perfectly via the Extended Fibonacci Table.

I've got some fluid starting points that historians cannot accurately pin down because the number system in those eras was so different from the Base 10 we currently employ.  They used a system that naturally defined reciprocals.  It utilized the squares and sometimes cubes of numbers.  There was no unit defined as '0' (zero).  Researchers claim they used a fraction system.  I see that they did not, and didn't need to.  Whole numbers can be defined as parts of wholes, the parts being wholes themselves (the Holon concept).

It is a task to be a solo individual working on all this.  I am thinking of doing a crash course in learning Hebrew.  That should be of some value when looking at original 'languages' of Sumer, through the Assyrians and into Babylonia.  Too much work...but the reward if I can crack the code and decipher the Pre-Roman systems of expression.

-Chad Adams

Side addition:

City Ruler Reign in Years (Column Row)
Eridu Alulim 28,800 C20 R12
Eridu Alalgar 36,000 C25 R12  
Badtibira Enmenlu-Anna 43,200 C300 R12
  Enmengal-Anna 28,800 C20 R12
  Divine Dumuzi 36,000 C25 R12
Larak Ensipazi-Anna 28,800 C20 R12
Sippar Enmendur-Anna 21,000 C1000 R8
Shuruppak Ubar-Tutu 18,600 C6200 R4 

Berossos King List

(3rd Century BC)

Alorus 36,000 C25 R12
Alaporus 10,800 C75 R12
Amelon 46,800
Ammenon 43,200 C300 R12
Megalora 64,800 C450 R12
Daos (Daonos) 36,000 C25 R12
Eudorachos 64,800 C450 R12
Amempsinos 36,000 C25 R12
Otiartes 28,800 C20 R12
Xisouthros 64,800 C450 R12


3-Sphere (Torus)

The trick is to get 3 torus into a single sphere shape.  There should be no ultimate reliance on the single torus model to create a 4 dimensional Euclidean Space topologyPoincare Conjecture and its solution to closed 3-sphere manifold issues show the 3 torus model to be much more accurate than a mere single torus model.

Is it because the form gets too complex with 6 vortexes having to reconcile spin states and coherence that sacred geometry/torus proponents such as Nassim Haramein and Marko Rodin refuse to take into consideration in accordance to multi-dimensional mass, charge and electric fields formed from the primordial aether?
Stereographic projection of the hypersphere's parallels (red), meridians (blue) and hypermeridians (green). Because this projection is conformal, the curves intersect each other orthogonally (in the yellow points) as in 4D. All curves are circles: the curves that intersect <0,0,0,1> have infinite radius (= straight line).

I admit, it is a tough problem and daunting to wrap the mind around, much less dissect.  Think of a sphere with 3 inward rotating vortexes and 3 outward rotating vortexes, and a single convergence area.  The entire construct must be both repulsing and attracting at the same time, even down into the fractal states, past the quantum critical state and through the post-chaos of quantum potential of Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

For compact 2-dimensional surfaces without boundary, if every loop can be continuously tightened to a point, then the surface is topologically homeomorphic to a 2-sphere (usually just called a sphere). The Poincaré conjecture asserts that the same is true for 3-dimensional spaces.
The model also needs to be understood that it is homeomorphic to the 3 torus model of 4 dimensional Euclidean Space.  Homeomorphic means that it must be a closed manifold structure/system that is fluid, dynamic and elastic in order to adjust to the infinitude of universal environments of 4 dimensions - dimensions that are both open (infinite) and closed (finite) - with the 3 sphere (torus) having the property Poincare solved; that of having the ability of the spheres to recede to single point without ripping itself apart.  When that stability is reached, the vortexes do not completely collapse or disperse due to each others field influence (attraction/repulsion of dipole magnetic property), but rather cohere within the dynamically balanced (I Ching reference) environment and homeomorphic spin states. (note: synergy of 6 different spin states of the 3 torus, create s standing waves within longitudinal and transverse wave fields).  In other words, quantum entanglement is possible and the connectivity and fluidity of Indra's Net can be expressed through potential and manifestation of potential (manifestation of potential being the Diamonds of Indra's Net).

 - Chad Adams

Conversion of Miles to Kilometers!

Pattern Spins and Opposing Duality

Spin states of 3 6 9

These 'spirals' result from doing the Extended Fibonacci Pattern Table. Starting numbers 3 and 6 repeat every f 8. (Note: in the Extended Fibonacci Table, using starting number of 3 results in 432 (Pythagorean Tuning of A=432hz), and 6 results in 864 at f 12.

Notice the difference in the overall pattern of spirals. 3 is more 'open' in the center, while 6 is more 'closed'. To see more form in the spiral set here, I created six of the first image of repeating pattern of 3 (33696639) and six of the 6 pattern, and rotated each 60 degrees to get a radial 'spin' of the patterns. As you can see, it it almost as if it is an iris, open and closed.