Friday, October 17, 2014

Adams' Extended Fibonacci Table matched to Pattern Table

Pattern Table is created by reducing all multi-digit Extended Fibonacci solutions to single-digit.

Ex: 864 = 8 + 6 + 4 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9


  1. Hopefully someday this website will be famous.

    You can trace a line through any number combination 1-9 in the Extended Fibonacci Pattern Table by following these rules:

    1. Like a king’s chess piece, you move one digit at a time in any direction (up, down, across, diagonal)
    2. you can cross over any 3, 6, or 9 without counting that digit (like it’s a portal or bridge)
    3. inside of a digit 9, you can travel to any other 9 in the row (see torus)
    4. inside of a digit 6, you can travel to any other 6 in the row or column
    5. inside of a digit 3, you can travel to any other 3 in the row or column

    For example, use these rules with the number 852489… it just keeps going no matter what numbers you decide to put in sequence.
    Accordingly, all combinations are possible and fluid with this system of rules.

    And with this system you realize that your line is drawing shapes as it moves. And if you draw in 3D the possibilities abound. Indeed, your spirographs (on later posts) and torus imagery here (and in later posts) help explain the relevance of this visually.

    One theory for how our world works: the Creator spoke the universe we know into existence with wave harmonics. The extended phi sequence is a simple representation of a fundamental law in those wave harmonics (our universe). Things that follow the fundamental laws experience growth and seed production and survival. Things that violate the laws without reconciliation self-destruct. And the system is self-enforcing. So the architect of the system (the Creator) does not need to map out every separate possibility (i.e., 852489… x 82398601… / 7888053…) but rather just the rules for how every possibility manifests. If you know the rules, then everything can be found, accounted for, and judged. Accordingly, the law (the rules) make up the foundation of life, so it is law on which the universe is built to our perspective.

    Matthew 5:18, “For truly I say to you that until heaven and earth pass away, not one ‘yod’ or one ‘stroke’ will pass from the law until all will be.”

  2. amazing Greg. And you won't believe what I figured out about 2 weeks ago. I figured out the secrets to Pythagoras' tetractys. The Tetractys is what founded music theory via harmonic ratios. ... and Extended Fibonacci is part of it, as the tetractys is part of Extended Fibonacci. This is a massive connection.

  3. btw, these rules.. are you saying the set of numbers can repeat or something? When you get a little time, explain that for me. I'd love to work this out!

  4. On the extended Fibonacci table, let's draw a line that represents the number 852489. Begin with the first number in the sequence, 8. Put your pencil on any number 8. Now imagine that your pencil is like a King’s chess piece – it can only move one space in any direction. So, move your pencil one space to the next number in sequence, 5. If you cannot find a ‘5’ next to the ‘8’ you originally selected, then start over by selecting a different ‘8’ in the table. Once you find a ‘5’ and ‘8’ connection move on to the next number, ‘2’. If you can't find a '2' then start over again at the beginning with '8'. You can choose any sequence of numbers you like ad infinitum and your line will never stop moving through the Extended Fibonacci Table if you follow the five rules I highlighted above.

    Chad, can you please post a file with a 3-d torus that plots the extended fibonnaci table. In this post you have a picture (2-d representation) of a 3-d torus, which is helpful for 2-d analysis, but to take this to the next level it would be great to have a 3-d working model inside some mathematical/engineering application. With that 3-d model, it will be possible for us to show visually that Fibonacci numbers represent 3-d shapes.

    Indeed, you’ve already been showing this: you connected the extended Fibonacci to the sum of Platonic solid angles (in the image at the top of this website); and so much more you've accomplished.

    Once you have a 3-d application running that features your work, you can start putting tori within tori to show spirals. This is what you started to do with your spirographs, but you were limited to 2d representations. In my opinion, it’s time for you to take your research to the next level with 3-d modelling software.

    On that 3-d level you can start proving/modelling what a ‘3’ and ‘6’ really mean as expressions of spin state, and also the polarity of ‘9’.

  5. It's been said that 1 through 9 represents all possibilities. It makes me wonder if this current iteration of the universe was designed to feature the numbers 1 through 9 (like a wound up clock), and if we only had an external perspective (outside the cubes in which we experience consciousness) we could see that we are actually traveling backward in time from the number 9, as the great spiraling clock unwinds itself back to 1.