Thursday, October 16, 2014

This is a VAST Work in Progress

PLEASE use this method, these tables, in researching the topics I am listing below.  Self validation of this system is needed for the effects of change it will bring.  Remember, the Extended Fibonacci Pattern table I created by using reduction of multi-digit numbers that is inherent in Vedic Mathematics, Egyptian Fractions, Vortex Based Math, and others.  The Pattern Table shows how the relationships of Form are created and why/how Geometric Forms are Universal. 

This is a work in progress.  More information on my studies can be seen at my other website:

I highly recommend doing your own research and use both the Extended Fibonacci Series and Extended Fibonacci Pattern Tables. 

For contact please e-mail:

I have a vast amount of research material on this new finding, or re-discovery.  Having a full-time job and recently moving with no internet connection, it is a bit daunting to put the research into a presentable manner.

The Extended Fibonacci Series is like a code, a cipher, if you will.  For further depth in the connections, it is highly recommended that both tables be used in studies.

Some of the DIRECT connections I am fleshing out include, but are definitely not limited to:

12 being a Divine Number:
      12 Disciples of Jesus
      12 Tribes of Israel
      12 Zodiac Signs
      12 Months to a Year
      12 Hours of Day
      12 Hours of Night

     Number/Counting Systems (They didn't use a Base 12, Base 60 number system.  They used a version of this system, though Base 12 and 60 align with this system.  Also, they didn't count knuckles, they counted finger segments because of the Golden Ratio aspect of the hand)

     Time signatures of seconds/minutes/hours
     Day and Night
     360 degree used for circumfrence

Brahmin Years

     Pyramid Construction
     Eye of Horus
     Egyptian Fractions
     (1 2 4 8 16 32 64 - 1 2 4 8 7 5)
     Pyramid Construction
     Long Count
     Mayan Calendar Dates and Construction (they used this system, not a Base 20 System, though Base 20 aligns with this system)

Astrological Cycles:
     2,160 Years each for 12 Astrological Signs
     25,920 Years for Full Astrological Rotation

St. John's Revelation

Pythagorean Systems (Music of the Spheres)

     Platonic Solids
     Perfect Number


3 Torus Model (my own model which I have placed on my other site:

Vortex Based Math

Sacred Geometry


Harmonics and Resonance

String Theory

Quantum Physics

...and so much more.

- Chad Adams


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