Monday, August 18, 2014

Note: Perfect Match to Revelation 5

Using the multi-digit table, and plugging in the exact numbers and information written in St John's Revelation, it looks to be exact!  And, when using the pattern in the single-digit table, other parts of Revelation 5 are perfect fits as well. 

Everything is represented perfectly and aligns as I thought may, but the odds of it being so are so remote that I am not sure what to think. 

The 24 Elders are there.  The 4 beasts are in perfect placement surrounding the throne.  The throne had to be equal to 9, and it sit between the pillars (columns) of 3 and 6.  It does, and all other numbers and aspects are there as well.

Sometimes I feel like I must be 'forcing' it to fit.  We are talking about Revelation!  Not to mention the fact that the other ways the table is matching things.  Mayan Calendar days.  Harmonic Frequencies.  Zodiac Years.  etc.

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