Friday, July 11, 2014

Ripples and Echoes Explained (in part)

Charge spirals because of movement and magnetism. It forms a torus that is constantly inverting/reverting through the dipole magnetic field that exists because of the charge.

It is an area of energy, a cloud, where some portions of the cloud are denser than others. The denser portions of the cloud are represented as lines in the work below.

The spirals are actually dual spirals. They are in ratio to Fibonacci. Ideally, we should be using the Golden Mean, but the number crunching would be extreme.

The spirals flow out at one pole, and flow in at the other, hence the inverting/reverting. Consider this the North and South poles of the magnetic field that is created, again, because of charge in motion. The self generated magnetic field guides the flow of charge. This form is stable, and self-perpetuating.

This first image is a single torus form looking straight into the center from North to South, or South to North.

We are going to need three of these with a common center point to form the overall construct. The three of their centers are phase locked, or entangled because of how the spin states interact with the adjacent spins states.

Below is a cross view of two more torus minus the first one. Remember, they are actually small balls of energy and this is representing the densest areas of the cloud, so we are only seeing it in 'line' form, though there are no lines. It is all a field.

Looking at the center of the two, you can see how they wrap around each other in the center convergence point. They are entangled.

To complete the vision of all three entangled together, we add the top/down view with the side view to see how all the spins are in reference to each other.

The center convergence area is entangled, and that entanglement shows patterns that are seen as symbols. The Jesus Fish, the Eye of Providence, the Cross, The Flower of Life, the Vesica Pisces, etc.

Now, we need to show where the spirals are in synergy with the adjacent spirals. I believe that this synergy results in standing waves. These standing waves create our first illusion of mass/matter. To see them we connect the synergy areas with lines. These 'lines' are actually the standing waves. Incredibly, they form the tesseract.

To see the beauty of this form, we need to create many of them. When this is done, we can see the overall fractal design and depth of the construct. It is fractal because of the nature of its components. That is, the Golden Mean is infinite. The Tesseract is infinite. But, when interacting with others of this form, we are given the finite illusion of mass/matter. This web of form is supremely elastic, it bends and flows without the need to break apart any parts of it. It is independent, as well as dependent.

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